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Chloe B Young, Author

Hi there!

You've landed on the official website of Chloe B. Young, author of LGBTQ+ romance novels. (With an emphasis on the G and B)

Here, you'll find a list of my current and upcoming works and anything else I fancy. Enjoy! 

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About Me

Writing is just one of the many ways I get my storytelling fix. In my other life, I sing and act to fulfil the urge, and I'm never far from a stage.

When not writing, I cook with too much garlic, sharpen my eyeliner to a deadly point, and try to accept that I'm turning into one of those people who only wears one colour.

(Pink, if you hadn't guessed.)

My Books

New Book!

Worth Trying


Privileged playboy Innes Kent has been unmoored since his regular escort quit on him. Though he’s a talented lawyer at a successful firm, without the distractions of a gorgeous man and frequent sex, his mind often wanders in unpleasant directions. For instance, toward his estranged daughter and his many regrets therein.

Charlie is a budding fashion designer, but the need to support his unwell mother has left him scraping to get by. When his cleaning job sends him to a lavish office one desperate night, he’s overwhelmed by the excessive luxury he sees, and when Innes catches him thieving, he’s at the lawyer’s mercy.


But Charlie is just the distraction that Innes needs: a proud and determined scrap of a man who challenges him, annoys him, and attracts him all at once. The perfect choice for a personal assistant who won’t bore him to tears or run screaming from his bad temper. Working together leads to sleeping together, but they're both too clever to mess up a perfectly good arrangement by getting feelings involved. Aren’t they?

Contact Me

Have a question? A comment? An observation? Drop me a line, and I'll do my best to respond in a way you're happy with.

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