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Fan Fiction

I got my start as a slash fiction writer. I'd been a storyteller before then, but fanfiction is where I put in the hours to learn how to tell those stories the best way possible.

My first published fan fic is from 2013, which seems like a lifetime ago. I've decided to leave almost all of them up because I think it's great to have a place to remind you how much you've grown.

Enjoy them with that in mind.

Short Story: Blow it Down

Vivian heard the first echoing cry from her room in the west tower. Out of the window, she could see the dark, spreading stain of horses and men in the distance, their war cries crashing and reverberating like waves. 

The Wolf had come for her.

This story was written as a gift for a fan of historical/fantasy. It ended up light on the fantasy, but it is vaguely medieval. It was a nice change for me.

It's one of my few works that aren't LGBTQ+ romance, but there is romance involved. It's also very loosely based on a fairy tale. Can you guess which one? 

Short Story: Do Us Part

"I can't meet my soulmate in a graveyard!"

Another little het story that I look on fondly. 

Short Story: The Comforts of Home

 "Have you ever thought that maybe I don't want to live without the comforts I've known all my life? The internet. A dishwasher. Food from a grocery store. Maybe if I'd been born a few hundred years ago, I would've been perfectly happy to live without toilet paper. but I wasn't."

This one. I love it, mostly because it's nothing like anything I've ever written, or will probably write. I'm not a post-apocalypse kinda gal. Unhappy ending alert! I won't be offended if you skip it. I would, if I hadn't written it.

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